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B04.033.006 - Медицинское освидетельствование на выявление ВИЧ-инфекции с выдачей сертификата на английском языке 600.00

Eco-Safety Medical Center has been on the industrial medicine market in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region for over 7 years.


Why us?

Low cost of Marine Medical Board in Saint Petersburg (bordering service initial cost)

No hidden cost for licensing in the structure of service cost

A full range of licensed medical services available required for medical examinations, professional competency evaluation, filing of the seafarer's passport, medical examination for shipboard personnel, certificates, personal medical cards, D&A test, as well as for the primary health and sanitary and specialized medical aid, and under conditions of day-patient and round-the-clock hospital, among others

Medical certificate filing for ship owners holding American P&I Club insurance policies available

Issue of medical certificates by the Fleet Personnel Evaluation Board (KMOP) (sight and hearing inspection) to confirm the diploma based on the medical examination held at our Medical Center

Vaccination options against diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis A and B

Hotline phone care for seafarers to get round-the-clock consulting assistance for free, should any health problems occur during the journey

Out-patient department arranged for medical examinations for seamen. It is easy to find: the OPD is stationed in the center of the city, namely 44 Dostoevsky Street (Metro Station Dostoevskaya, Vladimirskaya, Zvenigorodskaya, Ligovsky Prospekt)

Certificates available: ISO 9001:2015 № РЕГ.№LS.RF.001.SMC00883 dated 15.09.2017

International Certification Board


ECG (exposure and description)



ENT specialist





Occupational therapist

Lab tests: clinical blood count with ESR check, biochemical blood analysis to check for glucose and cholesterol, clinical urinalysis, blood test for syphilis, hepatitis B and C, HIV.

Since 19.06.2015, the Eco-Safety Medical Center has been recognized by Belgian authorities and in this view; the Eco-Safety Medical Center is authorized to issue medical certificates in accordance with Belgium requirements.

The validity of the seafarer's passport prolongation based on examination by physician, ophthalmologist and ENT specialist.



Documents required for medical examination

Civil passport

Foreign (travel) passport

Vaccination card (with diphtheria tetanus and yellow fever vaccination records)

Seafarer's medical card (if not available, we can file you one for free at the Medical Center)

Two photographs sized 3*4 (you can have your picture taken at the Medical Center for 150 rubles)

In addition to the Belgian certificate — Seafarer’s identity card (SIC) + Seaman’s book 


List of medical boards in St. Petersburg duly licensed to conduct medical examination for vessel crew published at the official website of the Big Port of St. Petersburg.



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