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  • Our mission

Our mission

When it comes to health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is precisely our working policy. What we do is an efficient model of local medical company embracing present-day preventive methods, cutting edge information technologies and own R&D findings to prevent diseases from arising, lower the risk of their conception, detect them early and cure them quickly and comfortably for the patient.

Our approach allows

For the patients:

  • Moving forward, make private medicine accessible for all as part of the CMI.
  • Detect dangerous diseases early.
  • Cure, as well as detect, the disease in a high-quality manner.

For the companies: 

  • Keep their employees.
  • Lower the risk of professional diseases thanks to regular high-quality health checks.
  • Boost labor productivity due to lower sick rate of the company’s staff.
  • Optimize the company’s health checks costs ensuring output products’ lower net cost.

For the state:

  • Preserve the health of Russian citizens.
  • Extend the nation’s lifespan.
  • Correctly setting the priorities when spending the budgetary resources: once primary prophylaxis becomes the basis of healthcare, the treatment of diseases will reduce and thus, require fewer finances.


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