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  • The message from Eco-Safety Group president Mr.Konstantinov R.V.

The message from Eco-Safety Group president Mr.Konstantinov R.V.

Dear Friends!

The “Eco-Safety” Group has always been governed by a simple and universal principle: only by combining and unifying practical medicine, scientific research, and constant educational process, we can create a modern, high-quality medical service to satisfy the patient.

Today, the “Eco-Safety” Group unites organizations that ensure its constant development as a contemporary medical institution. The medical centers provide various medical services. The R&D center carries out in-depth researches in clinical studies, searching for new methods of treatment and diagnosis, as well as health protection management. The higher school of medicine up skills our own staff as well as employees of other medical institutions. The company “MedSafe” deals with design and servicing of complex medical equipment and sets up healthcare information systems. The testing lab center provides services in industrial medicine, labor protection and environmental safety.

Thanks to uniting such seemingly remote areas of activity, we succeeded in developing our own organizational model of preventive medicine comprising the best traditions of the soviet school and widely using the most progressive managing approaches. The method is based on applying unique software, staff training and high qualification of our doctors.

Apart from providing services to larger companies, we never forget the rest of our patients. We serve them based on Compulsory and Voluntary Medical Insurance plans, giving them an opportunity to enjoy contemporary treatment methods, including minimally invasive procedures when it comes to surgery. That said, we always believe that each person should receive high-quality treatment in high-comfort conditions.

I am happy to welcome you on our website. I sincerely hope that this information will help you become our regular customers.


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