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Setup and management of health posts and medical and sanitary stations for companies

As per Order No. 911 of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation dated November 13, 2012, enterprises should arrange a medical post or feldsher’s station.


What are the health posts for?

Medical post or feldsher’s stations play the key role of the health care system of large entities. The health post is intended to deliver primary health care to employees and to arrange and hold a variety of medical and preventive events, among others, aimed at strengthening the personnel health state.
As a competent body in this field, we arrange outsource medical activities for entities whose core activities are different, tremendously saving funds of the entity and allowing high quality level.

Our health posts are arranged as full-scale medical units that meet the requirements of all applicable regulations and rules (as evidenced by appropriate licenses), that deliver specified services and supplementary services as defined by the customer.


Our services

  • Arrangement of the health post at the entity and licensing
  • Pre- and post-journey health examinations
  • First aid and emergency aid
  • Primary and regular audit of medical documentation of the entity personnel
  • Voluntary health insurance services arrangement
  • Comprehensive business medical support



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